James Franco and Seth Rogen recreate Round 2 for Kanye West

The couple makes their new video Shot. For. Shot where Franco playing Kanye west and Rogen as a topless Lim Kardashian.

As In the Round 2 the won video of Kanye west who featured himself with his fiancée Kim Kardashian who was topless riding a motorcycle, the comedy buddies remake it truly hilarious and has given it a shot-for-shot through the Grand Canyon was not enough for a good chuckle.

The funniest Hollywood buddies recently got down and dirty to remake this video where Franco playing the role as Kanye while Rogen with his back hair and belly rolls playing the role as Kim Kardashian, they showed a true love between them and it is clear through their embrace.

James Franco and Seth Rogen put their own spin on the video of Kanye called it Round 3 and they imitated Kanye West through his video with his fiancée Kim Kardashian in comedian way, so the viewers of the video will treat to a topless Rogen and his back hair and his body instead of curls of the belle Kim Kardashian.

The comedian couple tried to say something through this video and may be not, they make through it a description of the woman in the video in addition tom the technology which Kanye used to perform his video.

James Franco and Seth Rogen flashed a message prior to video: While on the set of their movie.
Kanye video was directed by Nick knight, who has another work Black Skinhead, which featuring Kanye and his topless fiancée Kim Kardashian riding a motorcycle through green screened Arizona scenery.

So what you think …which one of the two videos is more interesting Kanye with Topless Kardashian or James with topless Rogen and his back full of hair?

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