Justin Bieber filmed sleeping with girl in Brazil

There is a video in which Justin Bieber appeared sleeping with a woman in Brazil. This video is about 15 seconds and was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, Nov 6, where it generated more than 2.7 million views in less than 12 hours.
The grainy footage of this video shows Justin Bieber sleeping and covering by grey blanket in addition a brunette girl beside him and then she gave him a kiss.
The 19 years old uploaded on Instagram a video about him where he was singing what Tigers dream of, so the Canadian musician has not yet comment on the video tape founded in YouTube.
On the other hand, the rep of Justin did not comment on the video when E! Contacted with him to explain something about it.

Justin Bieber has been making a lot of headlines since he arrived to the south of America in his journey last week. And he spent several hours in Rio de Janeiro’ Nightclubs in Nov. 1, before he captured in this video wrapped in a bed sheet with a woman.
So some media claimed that the venue a brothel, while E! News described the place like as an old fashioned gentleman’s club.
During his visit to Brazil, Paparazzi journalists filmed the young singer Justin Bieber is painted on the walls of his old Fine hotel in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro through technical tour in South America.
Rio de Janeiro Police said that it was investigating in the incident Justin Bieber drawing graffiti on the walls of the hotel facing the beach.
It should be noted that he was taking pictures of the singer's 19-year-old in Brazil with his band members is based drawing with spray paint on the outer wall of the hotel in which it assesses the upscale district of Sao Conrad in Rio de Janeiro.
You can see the video in which Justin Bieber appeared sleeping in Brazil here:

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