Brazil opens the Confederations Cup treble in Japan .. and check the official first victory two years ago

Brazil launched its participation in the Confederations Cup and made his first official win in nearly two years, a very important victory on the duality Japanese team in the opening match of the tournament which was held this evening at Mane Garrincha stadium in the Brazilian capital.
Neymar opened the objectives of the meeting and the championship in 3 minutes, Paulinho added a second goal in the 48th minute, and Alternative Joe scored third goal in the third minute of stoppage time.
Brazilian team made a convincing match to a large extent, although it is capable to judge the level of the team in general, especially after the uncertainty that hovered around the performance of samba lately.
Japanese team does not appear as good commensurate with being a hero Asia and being the first teams qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
The last official match was won by the Brazilian team on July 14, 2011 at the Copa America, before losing on penalties after three days of Paraguay and is filed tournament from the quarter-finals, and since this day settled for the team to go to confrontations and friendly due to host the 2014 World Cup.
Scolari entered confrontation manner 4-2-3-1 formation predominantly offensive, pushing the quartet Marcelo and David Luiz, Thiago Silva and Dani Alves in defense, and relied on bilateral Luis Gustavo and Paulinho Kmahora Mount them more triple Hulk and Neymar and Oscar, while filling a unique center spearhead .
Italian Zaccheroni Depended on the same way that entered by Brazil but with the mandated three-forward some duties defense, and quartet ensured Atosoto Yoshida and Maya Yoshida and Yasuyuki Konno and Nagatamo tasks of defending the goal samurai, and pay duo Makoto Hasebe and Aasehuto Endo Kmahora Mount them triple offensive in charge of the duties of defensive Hiroshi Kyotaki Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa, and relied on Shinji Okazaki spearhead the sole.
Confusion seemed clear ambition of Japan at the beginning of the meeting, as a result of playing against Brazil in their own homes and in front of the masses move the stone, and on the contrary samba star entered the meeting with great confidence and control over the central region.
Brazilians often did not wait to translate this the beginning of a wonderful goal before undergoing the third minute when the ball created a unique chest on the edge of the penalty area for Neymar to launch a missile does not repels WIRED and made his way towards the net Japanese.
the Triple Hulk and Neymar and Oscar Surrounded samurai warriors in the downtown area of their court and helped them to the duo Gustavo and Paulinho alongside releases multiple Alves and Marcelo, but in spite of all this blockade were not there little chance on goal Quashima because of the lack of the team's mind thinker leads the team and translates this control opportunities.
Brazilian pressure from all areas of the pitch campus for Honda, Kyotaki and Kagawa offensive from carrying out their duties and there was no little danger Cesar Brazil, with the exception of Honda repayments strong defense bothered yellow.
Hulk and Oscar exchange positions as wings one on the right and the other on the left, which form the great difficulty on the Japanese defense to censor them, and in 21 minutes Hulk appeared in front of his favorite left and his cross almost turning Own Yoshida.
The Japanese team succeeded in reducing many of the Brazilian risk than it was in the beginning of the meeting, but they did not succeed in developing an effective attack, strange that the team missed the most important what sets it apart as a team speed and failure in the transfer of attacks from the back of the front as required.
Neymar scored the goal and completely disappeared from sight after that at a time to make the Hulk and unique clear effort and noon in the image through several opportunities.
Team entered the second half strongly, looking for the equalizer, but Paulinho had a different opinion after he received the ball Alves cross inside and prepared it then region for himself and his powerful shot failed keeper Quashima in tackling her to announce the second Brazilian goal in the 48th minute.
The second objective push Zaccheroni to make the first change to the involvement Ryuichi Maeda substitute for Kyotaki hoping to revitalize the front line and improve the team's image.
But on the contrary, the decline in the performance of the Japanese team after the second goal, and stars Brazilian samba succeeded impose full control on the course of the meeting, turning their search for performance goals to the tendency of the parade after reassured dramatically as a result.
The disappearance of Neymar inside the stadium appeared at infrequent intervals, payment Scolari forced him to withdrawn him and the involve of Lucas Moura for more effective offensive, minute later Bhernanis alternative pay to Hulk, Lord Zaccheroni change the second as associate Hozogaa replace Endo, and then returned Scolari and the withdrawal of a unique and engaged atmosphere instead, and conducted Zaccheroni changed the latter involvement Takashi Inoue, rather than the Honda.
the Japanese team stopped  is unable to excel Brazilian, and there were no attempts to remember the goalie Cesar, at a time when not only the star samba dualism, after he gave Oscar pass magically substitute Joe to come Pkawahima and scoring the third goal in the third minute of stoppage time, to announce after referee the final whistle.

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