Death of Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly died at age 34 year on Wednesday at an Atlanta Hospital. The police declared about his declared about his death that may be from drug overdose abusing.  He well known for his memorable song  with the frenetic Jump in which he made kid rap duo Kris Kross.
The Fulton County Police said about his death “ it is visible , that he may drug overdose abuse .”
Kelly was found dead at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the hospital as The Investigator of the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office Betty Honey declared.
Continued, saying, We are waiting to be done an autopsy to know the cause of death .
Chris Kelly and Chris smith both of them entered the music world in 1992 by Jermaine Dupri when he saw them in Atlanta mall. As a way of gimmick they wore their clothes backwards and could win over fans by their rap.
Jump is the most successful song , it released it their first album Totally Krossed Out in 1992.
The duo surprised  maturity in the delivery of their own rap, even though the song was written by Dupri. It becomes No. 1 smash in the United States and all of world, and one of the most popular songs of the year.
The successful of the duo led them to instant fame, so they appeared with Michael Jackson on shows and through their video games.
The couple was never able to match the phenomenal success of the first song, even though it was effectively the other, such as "warm It Up" and "Tonite’s   tha Night."
 Photos of him were showed his head with bald spots , so the rumors started to speak about his illness of Cancer in 2009, but he denied that and said that he suffered from alopecia, in which he lost his hair.
Earlier this year, the performance of the group together celebrated the anniversary of the Durpri naming.

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