The strongest Typhoon of the world ravaging parts from the Philippines Three killed and millions displaced

The strongest Typhoon in the world this year Hit, and may be the most ever to sweep the land, the central sector of the Philippines today, which caused the deaths of at least three people and forced millions to flee to safer areas, while led to cut power lines and toppled houses and holidays travel by air and sea, and closed schools and many state facilities.
The hurricane Haiyan which ranked as Category Five storm swept the northern tip of Cebu province, which is a popular tourist destination, having passed on the islands Lite and Samar laden winds speed of 275 kilometers per hour, while the high waves of the sea to six meters.
The authorities warned that more than 12 million people are exposed to the risks of this hurricane, including residents of Cebu City, which is home to some 2.5 million people; these areas are still recovering from the 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck last month and devastating storm hit in 2011.
The U.S. hurricane expert Jeff Masters described, this hurricane, a devastating that which fell on land with winds approaching 313 kilometers per hour, he said, adding that it makes Haiyan registered the strongest tropical Typhoon sweeping the land.
Masters cautioned, director of the Institute of Meteorology and Weather Underground based in the United States, that Haiyan able to bring down the curtains of anti-storms, walls and rooftops.
In anticipation of the hurricane nearly a million people took refuge to more than twenty provinces after being advised by Philippine President Benigno Aquino area residents experienced by the hurricane displacement from danger zones, particularly the banks of rivers and coastal villages and mountain slopes.
As authorities suspended ferry services, sea and river fishing activities, were suspended about two hundred flights and bus network lines after the hurricane caused heavy rains and floods accidents which overthrew rail ceilings of homes and uprooted trees.
The hurricane already close to schools, shops and offices, central Philippines, and hospital preparedness and rescue and security forces for emergency relief operations.
And the outlook for the expiry date of Haiyan, most likely the official Met Office in the Philippines to leave the country on Saturday cyclone is heading to the South China Sea, where is likely to gain strength on his way to Vietnam and China.
It should be noted that the Philippines is exposed to about twenty cyclones each year, and in 2011 Ashe cyclone killed 1,200 people and left three hundred thousand homeless and destroyed more than ten thousand houses.

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