Ben Affleck: I will embodies the "Batman" as an old man and it is my worst movies

American Hollywood star Ben Affleck Revealed that he was rejecting the portrayal of the famous superhero "Batman" or "Batman" in the latest film has the appearance of Batman vs. Superman.

He said in an interview with the "Playboy" magazine that he was going to reject the role, before he read the screenplay prepared by director Zack Snyder, who raised the fascination with severely, he said for being different and out of the ordinary ".
And "Affleck" disclosed about the some features of " Batman character to be provided by the new film, saying:" The idea of the "Batman" is the new resubmitted in a different way and different for his actor Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan in the three part previous, where it will be ahead in life and wiser ".
He explained that the new View will appear by "Batman" in the film will be very reasonable because of the fight against crime a decade ago, as they adapt perfectly to the image of his rival "Super Man", which does not fall aging never, as it is not the planet. "
In response to a question by the magazine about more film he regrets for his presentation during his career, Ben Affleck admitted that Daredevil production in 2003, the first film submitted for superheroes. Oscar-winning star Pointed that he liked Daredevil story too, but it was the implementation of the film in a very bad remained aphasia in his mind, until Batman vs. Superman movie came to correct this mistake, he says. "And the role of the superhero" Super-Man” plays in the movie Batman vs. Superman actor Henry Cavill, who shone in the role in the movie Man of Steel in 2013, with whoever Zack Snyder will direct it, it is set for release in 2015.

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