Michelle Obama Birthday... Beyonce and John Legend resuscitated concert

Beyonce and John Legend among celebrities Was singing superstar who took part in the revival of the reception, which was organized on the occasion of reaching U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, 50, this what of one of the invitees to the party revealed .
Political analyst Donna Brazile said the day after the ceremony that the White House did not disclose the details, to the station "CNN": "It was a remarkable and wonderful concert."

Brazile added, who is a researcher affiliated to the Democratic Party: "it has included childhood friends and staff in the presidential administration. Beyonce Sang, while John Legend sang Happy Birthday".
She explained: "It's very moving speech came from Barack Obama, who spoke about the woman he met and fell in love with her."
The station said, "CNN's" The reception party lasted until nearly two o'clock after midnight.
Michelle Obama enjoys great popularity with 65 percent of its supporters, any more than 20 points from her husband.
It Were not spent time that America's first lady spent with her husband short, she is half-life approximately.
22 years she spent with her husband, who she saw at first glance «fool», and in spite of the significant role played by Michelle in the arrival of her husband to the White House as President of the United States, but in the recent period rumors hesitated about the growing gap between them, and seemed to divide evident in the pictures taken of Obama during fondling Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Schmidt Turning a memorial ceremony in the South African leader Nelson Mandela.
Rumors have been in the U.S. media said that Michelle Obama «met with lawyers to discuss divorce proceedings».
But after the birthday party everything is said including this subject is over because they show their love and express their feeling well through.

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