Johnny Depp and Amber Heard announce their engagement

After speculation of their engagement which stepped on the surface last week, because of paparazzi who captured Amber Heard while she was trying  to hide the great ring of the diamond, close sources to Heard and star Johnny Depp revealed that they intend to marry already.
A source close to the two stars: (Johnny Depp offered the sermon of Amber for a long time, but she did not bounce off the ring wearer), depending on the location in the art.
It is known that Depp met his future wife Amber Heard on the set of one of their movies and announced their relationship in June 2012 shortly after the secession of Johnny from his lover Vanessa Paradis, who gave birth to daughter Lily Rose (14 years old) and his son Jack (11 years old).
Earlier , Things returned to normal between Johnny Depp and Amber, and returned to forge a in one house. The British newspaper "The Sun" announced from sources close to Depp, confirmed that he lives again with Heard, until they again discuss matters relating to the future.
one of the sources said that "Johnny told Amber that he wants to marry her and have children and introduces her to his children form his former lover  Vanessa Paradis. The source added that Depp bought for Heard a new horsepower, and assured her that he is fond of her severely.
He said that Heard enchanted by Depp, but she wants him to calm down and stop excessive ensure before planning for marriage. It was Depp and Heard separated at the beginning of this year after a romantic relationship lasted 7 months.

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