A new application on mobile phones provides assistance on Valentine day

A new application for mobile phones Did not leave no room for complacency in front of tend to postpone the task until the last time and fear at the same time that they miss romantic moments of Valentine days, after presenting them with assistance in booking dinner appointments and buy flowers even at the last minute .
It is expected to hit consumer spending to about $ 133 per capita in the Valentine day, corresponding to February 14 to enjoy dinner by candlelight and buy flowers and candy and Dedicate greeting cards, the most common celebration appearances between lovers on this occasion, according to a survey by the National Federation of retail sales to more than 6,000 consumers.
But despite good intentions, love share may go astray the way to the goal without advanced preparation.
And now the application bears the name of No Wait allowed opportunity in front of the husband or lover who forgot to reserve a table for dinner at one of the busiest nights of restaurants over the public has access to the restaurant reservations and waiting lists by.
CEO of the application No Wait Sykes said which stems from the New York and Pittsburgh, "you must spend Valentine day and you enjoy courting your wife or sweetheart again. Not true that it remains waiting."
The application displays the number of people listed on the list of the restaurant and the expected time to wait for a table. The application also will send an alert when a table is available.
There are thousands of restaurants in the United States are available via the new app, which was launched last week via mobile operating system IOS and Android.
There are multiple other applications will help in the process of donation flowers and make them more easily in the Valentine day.  

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