Woody Allen opens fire and responds to his daughter allegations of molesting

American director Woody Allen gave his ex-wife, Mia Farrow, the responsibility of the bitter split by more than two decades and the subsequent fabrication of his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, allegations of sexually molested at the age of seven, in an article published in the newspaper "New York Times" on Friday.
Allen published his article on the same newspaper, which his adopted daughter claimed, less than a week, her claims, adding: "I have no doubt whatsoever that Dylan believes that she had been subjected to harassment, but if the taught-old girl blind at age seven, from strong mother, to hate her father because it is a monster harassed her, it cannot imagine that after many years of indoctrination of the image that she wanted Mia consolidation on me, did not take root in her.
Dylan Farrow has returned recently renovated accuse her father Hollywood filmmaker of molesting her when she was at the age of seven, the allegations date back to 1992, when Alan was associated with, and was at the age of 56, then, the relationship of love with his daughter's adopted with his ex-wife, Mia Farrow, Soon - Yi Bervyn 0.19 years, before they were married five years after that, and then the mother accused him of molesting two alternatives.
And the director's famous  76-year-old, went on in his article: "Before 21 years ago when I first heard that Mia Farrow accused me of child molestation, I thought it was a silly idea and does not worth just thinking about it again, then the we were in the midst of terrible divorce battle and contagion intense battle guardianship which gathered strength gradually. "
The allegations come against Alan before the Oscars this year, and after the nomination of the director of the award for best screenplay written specifically for the Cinema for his film "Blue Jasmine."

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