A Flappy Birds creator announces his decision to stop and apologize to users

The Flappy birds game innovative Nguyen Ha Dong announced, the most famous game on both Apple and Android mobile that he will stop the game at 1700 GMT on Sunday.

In Tweets on Twitter published at 1900 GMT on Saturday gave Dong apologize for users of the game that have become addicted it.
 Dong said, "after 22 hours from now, I'll stop Flappy Birds ... there are no legal issues behind the decision."
And the game caused a stir after has become one of the most Games Downloads to mobile phones across Apple and Android systems.
And users of the game should guide the bird between the green color pipes.
And a copy download of the game was on the operating system Android up to 50 million times.
And many people ask Dong on Twitter about his decision to stop the game just a day after the speech from developed to run on phones with the Windows operating system.
It could not be reached for comment for Dong. And Dong closed his mobile phone after he canceled an interview to explain the cause of his sudden decision on Thursday.
Dong said in an interview with the media that the game - which he said inspired by Mario Bros game for the Nintendo company - achieved an average of 50 000 dollars a day through advertising.
Friends of dong said that Nintendo has sent him a threatening letter.
According to Nguyen, Flappy Birds has achieved a stunning success, although he did not want to become famous because of his game, in fact, he said that the reason for the withdrawal of Flappy Birds of Google Play and AP Store is not for legal reasons, and also is not interested in selling , but because it destroyed his simple life.

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