After chasing Lamborghini and throwing eggs .. Bieber smokes marijuana with his father in the plane

A source in the police States Thursday mentioned that Canadian singer Justin Bieber and his father were on a private plane Friday, accompanied by a number of their friends, when they ignored repeated warnings from the captain to stop smoking marijuana during the trip.

The police source gave information on the details provided by the supervisor of the crew on the journey through the transition with Justin and his team mates with his father on the journey between Canada and New Jersey, and asked the source on condition of anonymity. 

The source added that marijuana smoke was so thick to the extent that the flight crew had to wear oxygen masks, for fear of smoke inhalation and the failure to pass a drug test submitted them.

The pilot and his assistant mentioned to the federal investigators that they requested from Bieber and his father to stop smoking marijuana, but they received their insults, prompting the pilot to request from the host to commit the proximity of the cockpit.

And federal authorities allowed to enter Bieber after being held for investigation to make sure not to introduce any banned substances to America, and after the completion of the inspection of the plane, which was reported to capture the smell of drugs which, by the FBI and the Department of Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, but the inspections did not reveal the presence of any banned substances.

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