The death of film star Austrian Maximilian Shell for 83 years

Austrian movie star Maximilian Shell award-winning Oscar for best actor for his role as a lawyer in the German film (Nuremberg Trial Judgment at Nuremberg) in 1961 Died for 83 years.

Maximilian work director Patrizia Baumpaor said for the Austrian Press Agency that the movie star died at a hospital in Innsbruck after the "sudden and serious illness." 

Maximilian was one of the most famous actors of foreigners in American cinema and he starring in roles in the theater and cinema in the United States and Europe.

Maximilian was born in Vienna and grew up in Switzerland, where his family settled after fleeing from  Nazi in the wake of the annexation of Austria to Germany in 1938.

Maximilian took the role of the attorney Hans Rolfe in the film (Nuremberg Trial), which dealt with war crimes trials in Germany after World War II. The film focused on the international tribunal, headed by U.S. for four German judges accused of deliberately condemn the innocent and sentenced to death, in agreement with the Nazis.

The film was nominated for eleven Academy Award and won two with two Best Actor and Best Film. Although the film was full of the stars such as Spencer Tracy and Burt Lancaster and Marlene Dietrich, Montgomery Clift and others, however, Maximilian beats even on Tracy and won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

And Maximilian work in directing and was also a talented pianist and directed operas.

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