Photos... Top 5 players broke into the world of tennis by their scenic beauty

Tennis racket is characterized by upscale in style and tremendously popularity for the owners of the middle class and the rich because they contain many of the stars of the world who fascinated the world by their beauty and abducted and lights inside and outside the stadium.
Why become a sport tennis preserve of the rich and isolated of a lot of people in the low standard of living! Yes it is globalization.
Perhaps the most prominent reason for the monopoly of the sport on the owners of financial abundance and perhaps influence in power is the lack of clarity in the laws of the game the right way for most observers, but look for them, or perhaps for an estimated time of the great game.
And many attributed reasons to monopolize the game-rich layers to the availability of special stadiums for them; the poor may not be able to touch it because of the financial distress suffered, where he finds the best suited to provide strength for him and his dependents Yes... This political millions.
It is the world of football to the world of wrestling entertainment to the world of tennis, this round “jouryblog “to review the most beautiful women's tennis throughout the ages.
Belles of tennis Featuring bewitching beauty make them in front of a lot of advertising campaigns, and jouryblog review your most prominent players who attracted masses because of their brilliant beauty:

Nicole Vaidisova

Maria Sharapova

Caroline Wozniacki

Maria Kirilenko

Victoria Azarenka

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