Judge in Los Angeles ordered to keep the singer Chris Brown in custody

A judge in Los Angeles keeping the singer Chris Brown in custody at least until a hearing on a violation of judicial oversight next month after a judge expressed doubts about the ability of Brown to stay out of trouble.

Brown (24 years) was arrested on last Friday when expelled from a rehab facility in Malibu, California, which was a violation of the court order to treat the singer in 2009 after assaulting at that time on his girlfriend the singer Rihanna.
It is scheduled to hold a hearing on the violation of the young singer for a period of judicial oversight in April 23 and what put his status more complex, that he will face trial in Washington, DC on April 17 on charges of assault.
James Brandelan judge of the Supreme Court of the County of Los Angeles Said that Brown was expelled from the rehabilitation center for violating four of the internal rules of the facility, including touching female inappropriately and refusal to submit to an initial test for the detection of drugs and issuing provocative statement.
The judge said while reading from the report rose by center that Brown said in front of a group session at the Rehabilitation Center, "I Know the use of guns and knives."
Brandelan said before the command to keep Brown in custody, "I have concerns about his ability to stay out of trouble."
Brown was taken - who was dressed in orange entrusted to the prisoners after spending the past two days in a detention center of Los Angeles County men - outside the courtroom in handcuffs while his mother Joyce Hawkins was crying.
Brown's lawyer Mark Jrajos said "In my opinion, none of these things are not up to the level that requires the continued detention." The request from a lawyer was rejected for the replacement of prison uniform worn by the young singer and wearing instead gray suit.
Jrajos added "likely to remain in custody for six weeks longer than the usual penalty for violation of judicial oversight.
In 2009, Brown was sentenced to probation judicial stay of five years and performs community service and undergoes a rehabilitation program on domestic violence after assaulting Rihanna

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