The film's director responds to criticism of filming the Prophet Noah as " environmental wacko "

Despite the sweep of the Prophet Noah movie showrooms and the overwhelming response it received, some critics went on to say that the character of the Prophet Noah in this film show that "environmental wacko."

In response to these criticisms, Darren Aronofsky, director of the film Noah said, in an interview with CNN that what came in the film exists in the book of the Bible when he said: "This is in the Book of Genesis, in the beginning Noah rescued animals, is not there to act to save innocent children, He saves animals and creatures. "

He continued: "In Genesis 15-2 first what the Lord is saying to Adam is doing to preserve the park, this is in the book of Genesis, and it was clear to us that there is an environmental message."

Asked about keeping up with this film to the current events and environmental controversies, Aronofsky said: "it considered cautionary tale where if you're evil and filled the world with evil, you will be penalized, and given our current situation and the fact that we are here today and the emergence of a United Nations report .. This is huge, and already the water level rises .. We live second chance that was given to Noah. " 

He added: "This is not about climate change, just as we destroy all large mammals and all the forests along the water and fish we destroy everything and people are taking the subject of the end of the decade, the fact that the dominance of the human on the globe are clear and evident at the moment."
So I call you to watch this great movie and learn some advantages of the Prophet Noah.

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