Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway become men

Vampire, and Oscar owner, is engaged in the process of changing sex makeup and clothing to demonstrate the role of the two men in a video clip.
Star of The Twilight movies "Kristen Stewart" has agreed to appear, accompanied by "Anne Hathaway," in the music video for the singer, "Jenny Lewis," and are wearing men's clothing and sporting mustaches, hats and wigs.
lyric Video has a design inspired of the most famous eighties songs and was clearly shown in hairstyles and shape of the mustache and clothes used by the artists, while "Jenny" was merely to appear in the center of the screen wearing a suit includes many colors like rainbow, while playing the guitar spontaneously large while that her band is surrounded her, according to the "Daily Mail".   
"Jenny" musical Band appear with her in the video consisting of "Barry Larson" and "Anne" and "Stuart", wearing white color and draw them all machine music used in the play, and appeared  in a  beautiful hairstyle  and elegant fashionable white clothes before they turn things upside down and switched to the men in the middle of the video.
Because of their prowess in the field of representation, the artist did not find any problem in the embodiment of the role of men within the clip singing; especially "Kristen Stewart" who impersonated a cocky man does not care about what is happening.
It is Noteworthy that the song is one of The Voyager album songs, which is long awaited, and this number is because of the participation of the stars in the music video, the album is expected to achieve a resounding success immediately after its release in the markets.

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