Tour in houses of George Clooney

"George Clooney" one of the stars of the first row in "Hollywood", and has a large footprint in the cinema for being an actor , producer , director and successful writer, and won more than one award and participated in many movies, with an estimated fortune of 160 million dollars, devoted part of it to buy luxury houses, which we will identify them in pictures.
"Olindira" Villa

"Clooney" owns since 2001 "Olndera" villa located in the City " L’Aquila " Italy, villa had designed of the 18th century and it is priceless. it Located on the famous Lake "Como", and contains 25 large rooms and an outdoor theater and a large swimming pool and a garage for motorcycles.

Los Angeles House

"Clooney" Owns house of ​​7354 feet with a quiet environment and fascinating architecture, he bought in 1995 for $ 2.2 million dollars, and is located specifically in the rich residential area in "Studio" in "Los Angeles" in "California", in addition to spacious rooms there are three-dimensional movies show room and a fully equipped modern kitchen, and there is a basketball court and a tennis court.

"Los Cabos" House

"Clooney" owns another house in the city of Mexico, "Los Cabos" which is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico to play golf and fishing and enjoy the beautiful weather, and unlike the other committed houses, this house was designed on modern decors.

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