Strangest unknown Services of Google

A lot of the amazing services of "Google", between entertainment and practical, not a lot of the pioneers of the World Wide Web knows about it.

1) Go to the search engine "Google" and select images section and then search for Atari Breakout and enjoy one of the most famous classic video games.

2) You can use "Google" as an alarm to alert you by the sounds by the advent of Deadline, so search through the date on which you want to use the word ticket timer in the end, through / calendar.

3) through / sky can see pictures of the external characteristic of the universe captured by NASA industrial satellites, in addition to other images directly from the telescope "Hubble".

4) Google nGrams service allows you to search for any word in more than 5.2 million book published since 1500 and until 2008.

5) If you have trouble in reading the huge numbers, search engine as "Google" helps you to read any number, even though it was composed of 12 units, and through writing = English at the end of the figure to know the English language.

6) Go to the and unleashed your creative imagination.

7) "Google" has launched a new video game recently as the SmartyPins to help users in dealing with electronic maps.

8) "Google" has a service will help those who wish to marry preparing for his wedding by knowing the distinctive places and create a special wedding ceremony to invite everyone.

9) There is a special directory in the translation of "Google" lets you draw the letters or numbers you want to know its meaning in any language.

10) through the link / fonts can be found on a range of distinctive fonts available for free download.

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