The star Natalie Portman discovered her talent in a pizza shop

"Natalie" Confirmed in former dialogue that she liked to be French nationality and live in Paris, pointing out that every girl dreams of certainly is being Parisian to enjoy this elegance.
"Natalie Portman" was born in Jerusalem, and stayed there until the age of three, when he immigrated with her family to America.
"Natalie" Emphasizes that her talent was discovered by "Scott Revlon”, so that it had happened in a pizza shop.
"Natalie" Remembers when she stooped up  to the Eiffel Tower with a team action of the film "Everyone Says I Love You", where snowfall, she had a hot drink wine, and she was only fourteen.
"Natalie" Even today is still training on ballet, a hobby that she began at a very young age.
There is "Natalie" at work and as a public figure who is interested in fashion and make-up, and another one who is in house, where "Portman" confirms that when she is far away from the limelight prefers to wear comfortable home clothes as leaving her hair to dry in nature without any styling and do not put any makeup, wondering if she bearing different figures.
The kind "Natalie" is already fluent in six languages, including "English, French, Hebrew," as fluent in Spanish, German, and Japanese.
"Natalie" Says that she is the first candidate for the film "Romeo and Juliet" but the performance of the film was not completed because of the age difference between her and the star "Leonard DiCaprio."
"Natalie" Says that she turned to a "vegetable" personal in eight years old, and at age 28 became a vegetarian almost do not have any animal derivatives in any form.
The birth of "Natalie" Came a surprise to her mother, where they were born on the same day, and both of them carry the same two day festival Birth in June 9.

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