Singer Chris Brown is being subjected to an assassination ( photos)

News reporters confirmed the injury of the music producer "SUG Knight" and singer "Chris Brown" who was shot attacking him after the show, which was hosted by the latter in the "Los Angeles."
Press reports confirmed the exposure of the singer "Chris Brown," aged 25 years and who was recently released on parole, to a shooting attack after the concert, which was organized by the club 1OAK in "Los Angeles."

"Daily Mail" Report pointed out that the paramedics thought that "Brown" was not being hurt any harm and that three other people suffered injuries sporadic, including the founder of Death Row Records for the production of the musical "SUG Knight" where they were transferred immediately to a hospital Cedars Sinai to receive first aid needed.

The Singer "Tyson Beckford" a member in Black Eyed Peas was at the former preparatory concert Festival VMA Special for musical awards, confirmed that he had heard the sound of gunshots at the 1 and 30 minutes in the morning, where he heard specifically the voice of 4 shots, and then "SUG Knight" went from the nightclub to see a police officer took him immediately to the nearest hospital to receive the necessary first aid.  

The report indicates that "Knight" wounded already two bullets one of which lodged in his stomach and the other in the arm and is currently undergoing surgery, while noting the police report that gunmen suspected of involvement in the incident were arrested, and are being questioned at the moment to find out the real culprits, it was closed all roads around the place, and the same thing about the nightclub with a call to a group of attendees for questioning about the incident.

The concert was attended by "Justin Bieber" and rapper The Game and some believe that the intended target from behind the armed attack is "Chris Brown" himself and not "Sig Knight.

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