Miley Cyrus butt makes Mexican Parliament angry

Mexican lawmaker calls for punishing "Mile Cyrus" because of her butt.
A short time ago, the pop star American "Miley Cyrus" revived a concert at "Monterey" state "of Nuevo Leon" in northern Mexico to celebrate the occasion of the feast of Independence, a ceremony that has caused angry reactions toward the young singer because of the use of Mexico flag in an obscene act according to the statements of a Members of the Mexican parliament.

A Report of latino.foxnews pointed out that the MP "Francisco Trevino" objected to it formally after Miley wore the Mexican flag while one of the dancers accompanying her on stage touching her butt, which was considered an insult to the people and the Mexican government.
"Francisco Trevino" pointed out that the Mexican Legislative Council has taken a decision to refer the matter to the Ministry of the Interior to implement the law's way of dealing with the Mexican flag, and as "Miley" insulted the symbol of the state, it is supposed to be the application of punishment by a fine estimated 1200 dollars, or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 36 hours.
The problem is made by "Miley Cyrus" unintentionally caused the ignition of social networking sites within a few hours, where many of her fans defended for what I did, stressing that it was unintentional, while others demanded the application of the law on her, because she insulted the flag of the State, and therefore must be locked or pay fines to avoid prison.
Noteworthy that "Miley" was supposed to sing in the Dominican Republic in the last week, but the government canceled a concert there because of the egregious actions in the recent period.

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