New troubles for Justin Bieber with the judiciary in Canada

Troubles of star Justin Bieber renewed with the judiciary to arrest him again for a brief period during which he directed and charged with assault and dangerous driving after his car collision with a truck in a small area of ​​Perth, Ontario, Canada, which is where the star, 20 years old, lived his childhood.

Justin Bieber's lawyer Brian Greenspan said in a statement, "Unfortunately, a group of unwelcome photographers jamming Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the weekend. The star was released after pledging to appear in front of the court in the twenty-ninth of September.

Bieber acknowledged his guilt days ago on charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest after seven months of his arrest in Miami Beach, where police said he participated in an illegal race one of the streets.

Bieber also accused of assaulting the driver of the limousine in Toronto in late December, but his lawyer confirmed that he is not guilty in this case.

Previously, Bieber admitted the charges against him and of driving recklessly and resisting arrest in January in Miami, this allowed to withdraw the charge which was to lead to the imposition of harsher punishment on the Canadian singer.

and the Canadian singer accepted that  time to attend courses for 12 hours, during which learns to control his anger, as well as a donation of $ 50 thousand dollars for the charity.

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