Kirsten Dunst after leaking nude photos: Thank iCloud!

young Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst Became the first actress to attack "Apple", after the incident of leaking her nude photos on the Internet, along with Jennifer Lawrence and other starlets  . the heroine of the films "Spider-Man" tweeted on Twitter cynically of technology giant: "Thank you "iCloud", and then placed the icon "Pizza" so that viewers enjoy her photos, a day after the leak of nude photos of her through her ​​mobile phone, as a result of hacking iCloud system on her phone "iPhone". Thank you iCloud ???? - Kirsten Dunst September 1, 2014, for its part, the company "Apple" confirmed in an official statement commenting on the crisis that it is investigating allegations that helped the hacker to access to naked images of Kirsten Dunst and other starlets is a service Find My iPhone. statement added that "Apple" is keen on the privacy of their customers, and they seriously check in the scandal, according to British newspaper daily Mail.
Kirsten Dunst joins  a list of 101 world star has been a violation of their idiosyncrasies through their cell phones, including nude photos of them have been leaked, and of the most prominent is Jennifer Lawrence, and British supermodel Kate Upton, actress Mary Elizabeth , and singer Rihanna . FBI Monday the first of September arrested a person claiming to be hacker of these phones starlets, and he sold their photographs through the bare site 4Chan, considered Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is the most affected by the crisis leaked bare and private photos, after breaking into her mobile phone. (Jennifer commented on how the scandal?)

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