A photo exposes Miley Cyrus smoking Marijuana (photos)

"Miley Cyrus" could not resist the marijuana even in "Australia", and these photos expose her!

actress "Miley Cyrus" appeared in a new controversial form during smoking  a prohibited cigarette during her presence in the building in Down Under "Sydney" to complete the lyrical Australian tour released last week under the title Bangerz.
"Daily Mail" story pointed out that the -old 21-year-old star appeared dressed in a ripped jeans shorts and red shirt, with a new haircut we see for the first time after being adopted throughout the period prior to the short hair.
In spite of the prohibited substances contained in cigarettes has not been confirmed, however, that "Miley" is known for smoking marijuana and already have an emphasis on her interest for those prohibited substances in both the United States except for one state only.
Noteworthy that "Sydney" has its own law to deal with smoking prohibited substances more stringent than any other state in "Australia."

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