The most beautiful luxury bathrooms in hotels ( photos)

Bathrooms of luxury hotels are considered as a safe haven for the provision of amenities and which bear guests to another world beyond the water faucets, and bathtubs.
The  partner in the design firm for the biggest hotels in the world, "Hirsch Bedner Associates " Kathleen Dobar: "We are seeing more attention to detail."
Dobar felt that the most important characteristic of the bathrooms at the present time is open spaces, saying: "Space is a luxury feature," in addition to technological innovations, such as TV screens that turn into mirrors when approaching of it.
The bathrooms feature the fresh air and natural light, in addition to the scenic views of the skyscrapers and landscapes. The bathrooms include interesting textures such as health supplies made ​​of copper, and the construction of recycled resources using rich stones, glass, wood and other materials.
Here, the most beautiful pictures of bathrooms in hotels that balance between the interest and beauty:

1 - "Song Saa" Hotel in Cambodia: It consists of bathtubs made of stone, which overlooks the Gulf of Thailand, the location of the hotel is located in a private island in the south of Cambodia.

2 - "Andaz Papagayo Peninsula" Resort in Costa Rica: It features a roomy shower up to the balcony.

3 - "Four Seasons Langkawi" Resort in Malaysia and where Bathrooms of guests appear at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi in Malaysia high arches and bright skylights and bathtubs outdoors in private gardens.

4 - "Vissoura" Hotel in New York City: The hotel has a private suite featuring marble bathrooms, and lighting fixtures, and water faucets made ​​of copper.

5 - Hotel & Resort "Ritz-Carlton" in Bahrain: The hotel Bathrooms are characterized by the existence of a vast area of ​​Jacuzzi in the garden under the sun.

6 - "Point Yamu" Hotel in Thailand: The bathrooms feature rows of dark blue and distinctive light bulbs.

7 - "Oberoi" Hotel in Dubai and the bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and that offer stunning views of the city skyline.

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