Financial Secrets of the black singer Nicki Minaj

Financial information not known to many people about the singer Nicki Minaj.
her name "Nicki Minaj Tanya Maraj, began her singing career in 2010, and quickly achieved a huge commercial success, reaching the first rank in the list of rap songs, and is the highest-paid female rap singer in the world.

1 - "Nicki Minaj" fortune estimated 45 million dollars net worth; it is also a partner in many of the record companies and some factories electronic recorders.   
2 - in 2011, "Nicki" became the first female rap singer sits on the magazine's list of "Forbes" annual wage of $ 6.5 million between 2010 and 2011, and is now the only female on the list paid 29 million dollars in 2013.
3 - The singer pride of obtaining 50 thousand dollars in her song with "Kanye West" in 2011, which now owns several musical recordings companies such as Sucka Free.
4 – She collected in 2012; an amount of $ 15.5 million, coming from a musical tour of Pink Friday and collected of them 1.5 million dollars, and the proceeds of sale of the album Pink Friday were 850 thousand dollars, and other profitable companies in the fashion and audio recorders.
5 – Minaj took a paid in the program singing American Idol Season 12 estimated 12 million dollars in 2012, where she was one of the rulers of the Committee.
6 - "Nicki" has huge house called “Malibu monster ", consisting of 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms with a large swimming pool and its price of $ 12 million.
7 – Minaj has “Lamborghini Gallardo" in red color, powered cylindrical V10 and speeds up from zero to 100 kilometers in 4 seconds, and the maximum speed with 315 kilometers per hour, and it is estimated at 200 thousand dollars.
8 - her other car is Bentley Continental GT" rosy color, measuring 567 hp engine and has 6 different speeds, and the maximum speed of the car 198 miles per hour and its price is  200 thousand dollars.
9 - Due to her passion for the pink, she owns a car, "Lamborghini Aventador" rosy; its price is 400 thousand dollars.
10 - Minaj has a line of manufacturing leather bags named Burberry Haymarket Check Tote, specially designed and sold as her request.

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