Facts about the controversial star Miley Cyrus

Some facts you may not know about the controversial singer and previous Disney star Miley Cyrus.
1- Miley Cyrus was born left handed:
Cyrus was born left handed, but her father singer Billy Ray decided to train her since childhood to use the right hand in everything, even she accustomed to use it beside her left hand. As a result, Cyrus commented on it joking that if one of her fans faced a problem to read her sign, he should go to complain to her
2- Heart ill:
Suffer Cyrus suffered from irregular heartbeat, where speed rates increase to become higher than the natural rate.
3- Flowers baby:
In musical performances hosted by her father in her childhood, and after taking fans throwing flowers on stage, the girl child Cyrus captures these flowers and then assembled into bouquets donated to hospitals in her hometown.
4- Insistence pays off:
Before she got the starring role in the comedy series Hannah Montana Cyrus undergone at the beginning of the performance experience to play the role of Lee Lee girlfriend heroine. Choose to settle down in the end to play a tournament.
5- Her real name:
Cyrus was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, but the name Miley is the informal name of her, which is an acronym for the nickname of smiley who called her by her family.
6- Close calculated on Twitter:
Although the number of followers on Twitter, which reached 2 million in 2009, but she closed her account that year after she received a lot of hate messages in protest at her stance on gay marriage, who have expressed their support to him on twitter.
7- Arachnophobia:
Cyrus Feels of intense fear of spiders to the point making her suffers of Phobia or Arachnophobia.

8- Dolly Parton:
Cyrus Considered the actress and singer and musician and songwriter Dolly Parton an ideal can be put in place of Godmother.

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