Breaking News: Range accident leads to kill 4 Marines in Camp Pendleton

The accident took place when there was range maintenance operation on the base as the Marine Corps said.

In Pendleton, Calif, on Wednesday a range accident leads to kill four Marines as the military described the accident.

The accident took place on the base along the Pacific Coast north of San Diego during a range maintenance operation around 11 a.m. as the Marine Corps said.

And after the accident a base spokesman Lt. Ryan Finnegan said that it came during regularly scheduled maintenance of the Zulu impact area , where aerial booms strike , artillery , and mortar during training exercises, where it is near the center of the sprawling, 125,000-acre base.

The accident involved the detonation of unexploded ordnance as NBC News reported that, in addition there were no other injuries as Camp spokesman Cpl. Michael lams said.

They do not assign the name of the dead and the units immediately but they pended notification for their families.

Brig. Gen. John Bullard. commending general, Marine Corps Installation West- Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton declared after the accident saying that Marine Corps offer condolences and heartfelt prayers to the families of the dead marines who lost today in this tragic accidents and their first propriety is to provide and present to the families of the Marines lost with the support they need in order to pass this difficult time.

And the cause of the accident is still under investigation to know the reason behind the terrible accident which leads to kill 4 Marines.
We ask God to give their families support and patience to pass the difficult unexpected stage of their life and we are very proud of our men who present their life in the sake of saving their country and people.

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