The mysteries of the death of celebrities looking for the real killer

When a celebrity dies, the media focus on his death and his departure, what about who killed them? If killing raises the issue of the mysterious unresolved death cases even today ,
it becomes more exciting.

1 . Marilyn Monroe

Star of temptation, who died in August 1962 and it was her death a mystery until today, has found naked in her bed at the age of only 36 years and was at the top of her artistic success, and as usual, the incident recorded as a suicide, but many theories, some of which originated thousand of complete books, assume the assassination of intelligence "to Marilyn" because she had information, or the assassination of "Kennedy" family to the presence of her relationship with one of their children "Bobby."

2 . Elvis Presley

"Elvis" died in August 1977, according to forensic medicine, the death due to a drug overdose, but a lot of fans contend that "Presley" filtered, while the strangest of those who believe that "Presley" did not die from the foundation, but fabricated the trick of his death, after his stardom disappeared  and suffered obesity, to die a legend as he lived, while it is actually moving away from the spotlight in a quiet place no one knows him.

3 . Bruce Lee "and his son" Brandon

"Bruce Lee," the famous star of the movement died  In July 1973, while his son was killed in 1993, but it always be linked the death of the two, although regarded as death of "Bruce" just bleeding in the brain, many believe that he was killed by poison, given the state of the corpse mutilated bulging, which confirmed a lot of doctors that this distortion does not produce, but as a result of damage to the internal organs because of the toxins, and it believed that he was killed by colleagues in the profession be jealous of breathtaking his success, and what confirmed this theory, the death of his son, "Brandon" after tens of years in ugly incident when someone switched the bullets in his film the Crow putting real bullets instead of the false, to receive "Brandon" bullet in his gut lead to his death after suffering with the pain, and did not know yet who killed the Son, and perhaps who may have killed the father also.

4 . Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed

In the month of August 1997 the world sorrowed for the news of the death of the Princess of Hearts, Princess "Diana," which accompanied the Egyptian boyfriend "Imad" son of the famous billionaire "Mohamed Al Fayed" Although the deaths were the result of a car accident, but all theories asserts that "Diana" had killed masterminding of British intelligence, as a result of their intention to marry, "Dodi", but this remains just a theory.

5. Michael Jackson

In June of 2009 the world is shocked by the news of the death of the star "Michael Jackson" as a result of what was described as an overdose of the drug "propofol", and he underwent attempts at resuscitation by his doctor to no avail, and "Jackson's" fans accused his personal physician of killing him.

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