Ben Affleck a shafted husband of unforgiving Fatale Femme

Theaters recently received film Gone Girl, starring "Ben Affleck", which is adapted from the highest-selling novels in New York,
and depicts the dramatic events of shafted husband of sinister woman impossible to get free from her.
The novel, which the film based on written by "Gilan Flynn" which revolves around a husband whom wife disappear suddenly on the fifth anniversary of their marriage, and questions show about the husband whether he killed her or not.
The film is expected to receive several Oscar nominations, has been introduced in the "New York" Film Festival in October, and met with unprecedented success.
The film is directed by "David Fincher," and starred all of the "Ben Affleck" in the role of "Nick Dan" and "Rosemond Pike" role "Amy Elliott" missing wife, and "Neil Patrick Harris," the role of "Daisy Collings," a former lover from the past, "Amy," and "Tyler Perry's" role "Tanner Bolt," in the role of the lawyer "Nick" and "Kim Dickens" role of a detective "Rhonda Bonnie."
and Film production costing $ 50 million and revenues reached so far to more than $ 65 million.

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