Leonardo DiCaprio exposes the enemies of the environment in a movie

The film will be a big-budget, aimed at detecting those who want to destroy life, and who want to keep it.

"Leonardo DiCaprio" Decided to and his production company to cooperate with "Netflix", an American company for the production and dissemination of films on the Internet in North and South America, decided to work on a huge documentary movie of a wildlife, it is expected to be named Virunga, directed by "Orlando von Einsiedel " which will track one team of the guards reserves in Africa, responsible for the protection of the gorillas.
The film will review conflicts between protected guards, fishermen and militia men and industrial men, as well as the lives of gorilla.
"DiCaprio" has confirmed that stories such as Virunga are powerful stories review the natural and enormous cultural diversity in our world and the conflict between the forces that threaten to destroy it and those who want to protect it, while, "Ted Sarandos," Prime, "Netflix", has confirmed that the film will have hungry audience to see it and to learn his story until the deadline for the release of the film, which will be presented at the outset on the "Netflix", then in the role of the show "New York" and "Los Angeles" on 7 November.
"Netflix" has announced the display of Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, respectively, in 2015 and would cooperate with "Adam Sandler" in four other exclusive movies.

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