Jeff Hanneman

Jeffery John Hanneman was born in Oakland January 31, 1964 and died in May 2, 2013. He was An American Guitarist, member, and founder of the thrash metal.
He had Germania ancestry, and grows up in Long Pitch, California, his family contained many Veterans. His father was Normandy landing fighters and brotherhood fighters in Vietnam. Hanneman had a lot of thing about the war in the 20th and memorial gifts in which he collected.
He became interesting in Rocks and he learnt the playing on Guitar under the effect of Led Zeppelin,    Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. By the time he had great passion to the hard rock of Minor Threat, Misfits, Exploited, Verbal Abuse, Dead Kennedys,  G.B.H., and Black Flag.  After a little time he established with The Guitarist Kerry king the Slayer. In this band they wore Hanneman uniform, and Hanneman instituted a lot of Music and songs for the band including Angel of Death which was one of the best Cornerstones to crush thrash metal, south of heaven, War Ensemble, Seasons in the Abyss.
His style in playing the guitar was smeller to the King, which distinguished in more aggressive and the solos were so fast and simple. The style of his guitar was more musically and strange than the one of the King which was more concentrating on the confusion.
Hanneman had lived with his wife in Los Angles since 1997
Pro-Nazi allegations:
He admitted that he liked the Traditional artistic methods of the Nazi era.
His Death:
He was died in May 2, 2013 where the band declared by its page in Facebook about his death of liver failure in 11.00 o’clock morning in his house in Los Angles.

The equipment of the band:
Amplifier: Marshall JCM-800
Guitars: Jackson guitar, ESP”Jeff Hanneman Signature”.
Words: D’Addario
Pedal board: Dunlop Crybaby Wa-Wa Pedals
Wireless System: Shure
The band’s Albums:
1983 – Show No Mercy
1985 – Hell Awaits
1986- Reign in Blood
1988 – South of Heaven
1990 – Seasons in the Abyss
1994 – Divine Intervention
1996 – Undisputed Attitude
1998 – Diabolus in Musica
2001 – God Hates Us All
2006 – Christ Illusion
2009 – World Painted Blood

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