Twerking: is a dance by moving the hips toward the bottom and the top, such as shaking and swaying right and left and is a type of dance to view a Sexy intimation.
This dance originated in New Orleans, Louisiana as modern dance, and it has many common moves with many traditional African dances like Mapouka which is a traditional African dance.
This dance was known in the hip hop as a new dance, through the New Orleans bounce music scene. First of introduce this dance was Dj Jubilee in 1993, when he released a song in which he chanted “Twerk, Twerk”. The video of this song had released and which increased the popularity of Twerking through. After that in 1995, another song which dedicated to Twerking and singed by Cheeky Blakk, named as Twerk Something. It considered as a call and response style. In 1997 DJ Jubilee, another time, recorded a song entitled Get Ready, Ready, it encouraged listeners to Twerk It through.
The expansion of Twerking was increased outside of New Orleans especially in the strip clubs of Atlanta and Houston.
In 2011 another song entitled Round of Applause by Atlanta based rapper.
So Twerking was increasing so fast because people like always changing and developing their life not only in the living side but also in the  joyful statues in which they have fun like dance and other hobbies .
It's booty shaking dance acrobatics and aggressive, which has its roots in strip clubs in the south, where the better you shake, and the more money you make. The name comes from combining the words "to" and "work." This is what it is, but why everyone does so suddenly? Well, it's not really all of a sudden. It was on its way to becoming something for the better part of 15 years.

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