New Surprise of Microsoft a New Xbox in the Markets

Microsoft releases the new version of Xbox after eight years of the first edition by selling 70 million units, so Xbox 360 has had new successor. The Microsoft has been late a bit in releasing this new version according to its colleagues as Sony PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii U.
The new Xbox has very powerful graphic processor and a processor for hardware which has an eight-core AMD. It is called Durango, Xbox has also 500GB of storage space, USB 3.0 connectivity, 8GB of RAM, and it has a Blu-ray drive.
The sensor and the camera will be developed to a full 1080 sensor. The camera will have advanced voice control functionality. The new Xbox will rival the DualShock 4 controller of Sony.
Microsoft also changed the controller of Xbox to be radically different, the controller is black, made of hard plastic, and the icons of the controller are nearly the same of the old one. The Xbox icon is a little smaller than the old one. 

The engineers in Microsoft explained that they flips the back battery pack 90-degrees and then they finally out it inside the controller – so this process will make the new device is more tight.
There is in the front part of the new controller An IR sensor, this make the connection with the Xbox one’s new Kinect controller. With the IR sensor, the Xbox knows the two player by recognized their faces.
Microsoft is not ready yet to give us full details about her new device. But I think it is amazing game controller.
Microsoft is planning to promote its own original through showing live-action TV series, by its device Xbox.
Microsoft planes to make a kind of connection between the National Football League to offer an application for Xbox that enables players interact with their fantasy football teams while seeing them in a live game.
Until that time, hope for you happy summer time.

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