Lottery mania gripped America and $ 600m the prize

U.S. broadcaster: "easier for you to become president of the United States of to win it alone"
Gen. "lottery" occupied America, and wherever you move in media means you  find news has become a major where Award "Lotto" did not won by someone since 3 April last until today, so it swelled and became a $ 600 million, and the mania to buy its tickets which ends 9 on Saturday night are Middle American, any early Sunday Arab world, invades America to the point that 143 thousand form are sold per minute in 44 states, and later will fall 6 balls on the same night to determine who will be resolved blessing or curse it, it is not easy to land you more than half a billion dollars once.
It's Award "Powerball" the tickled of fantasies, which began a $ 40 million while were clouds in 44 states participate on April 3 last year, which did not win it any one, they added New bookmakers them on Saturday, which was followed, and no one win it also, and continued not to be won a in every Wednesday and Saturday of each week, to the last Wednesday became 230 million, and then claimed the lottery mania sweeping the country and its people, who went on to long queues waiting for its members their role to buy even a ticket for one of them could be that weaves dreams.
The award, which added to bets new every time is empty of win, built and controlled the minds of Americans, although no one wins it this time, too, "it will reach $ 925 million next Wednesday," according to the Kelly Craib, Director of Marketing Lottery Texas, so we hear Broadcaster Carter Evans, at the end of the video being "Arab. Net", citing "Ace. me. C", U.S. mentions what is contained in a body of the Organization Award for "Powerball" on the Internet, the proportion of profit is one of the 175 000 223Alpha and 510 C unit, says: "easier to become president of the United States" to win the award, as he put it.

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