George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Get Married at Skywalker Ranch

In the Saturday night the mastermind of Star Wars George Lucas married to Mellody Hobson where the Skywalker Ranch turned into a bit of a love fest in Marin Country , where the ceremony officiated by journalist Bill Moyers.
The Huffington post talked about the 44 years old Houbson and how she was given away by former New Jersey senator and her longtime friend Bill Bradley, and among the guests was its founder Arian Huffington is seen.
As the post is told by Huffington that the words of Moyer were quite moving, while it was nothing short of profound as On Howard tweeted.
This is the first marriage for Houbson while the second one for Lucas who is 69 years old.
The ceremony was as kind of meeting for who do not know the coupe George and Houbson for long time, it was not a normal ceremony day full of love as the spokeswoman of Lucas told the Marin Independent Journal.
Howard, Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg were among the guests. HuffPo said joking during a toast that the Force finally had a name: Mellody, and after that Van Morrison and Janelle Monae reportedly performed at the reception of the ceremony.
Houbson is the president of financial company Ariel Investments and she serves as chairman of Dreamworks Animation.
Lucas sold his company last year to Disney for around $4 billion which its name is Lucasfilm, Lucas has won his first award for the Star Wars: the Clone Wars., where Carrie Fisher presented the prize for him, and Carrie played the role as Princess Leia in the original film trilogy, at earlier time this month in a ceremony.
The seventh part of Star Wars is due to produce in the UK next year and is scheduled to release in the early of 2015.

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