Sunder storms hit Chicago

Chicago was hit by many storms and the weather forecast expected a lot of rain, strong winds and storms will hit Chicago in the evening. There are wind damage and the National Weather Service cannot apply any news about the storms, but some tree and some damage was been reported.
In Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will and many counties in Chicago was affected by thunderstorm till 1 a.m.
Yesterday after the storms more than 30,000 houses stayed without power and there was a lot of huge winds and clouds, the houses that affected by the thunder storms was 3.8 million customers. A huge damage of boats was reported in Shabbona Lake State Park.
A huge of clouds was in the west of Chicago. The National Weather Service tried to report a tornado touching the ground next Somonauk but The National Weather Service cannot make the report.
Kendall County issued that aurora activated the city`s severe weather sirens in the tornado warning, the area watched a lot of rain and a lot of thunder and lightning and there was not any damage reports for this region.
The trains in the Union Pacific lines stopped from 5:30 p.m. to 7:05 p.m. Lemont house was firing last night because of the lightning. The trains in the Burlington Northern Santa resumed his service in 6 p.m.
The plan companies also stopped its trips, millions of people cannot move in the area because of the thunder and they cannot go to their works. Students also stayed in their houses and they didn't go to the schools. Electric also cut in the area all the evening, the storms left a huge damage in this place and made great problems in all places and in the daily life of the people who live in this places.

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