Mandela Health is improving well

The president Jacob Zoma after his visit to the hospital where the former president of South Africa Nilsson Mandela was there said that his health is improving well but still serious health.
This statement is said by Zoma to his people after his visit to Nilsson Mandela in the hospital and he asked people who love Nilsson Mandela to pray and ask God to give Health for Mandela.
The 94 years old is suffering from a recurrent lung infection and spending until now his sixth day in the Pretoria hospital.
Nilsson Mandela w the first black president for South Africa in 1994 after his leading a struggle against the rule of white minority, and then before five years later he stopped down to leave the position of president of south Africa.
The president Zoma hoped through his statement the good health for Mandela and urged his people to hope the health and fast recovery for him.
But his statements have no further details about the health of Mandela.
The family of Nilsson Mandela had been deeply touched by the concern shown for the health of him, as Mr. Maandela’s grandson said in a statement to thank South Africans and calm them.
And for Mandela’s wife Graca, she is staying with him in the hospital after cancelling her trip to London last week.
Mandela was taken to the third time to hospital in this year and he is now in intensive care.
And before this time he had a treatment in the hospital for a lung infection and gallstones and he spent 18 days undergoing treatment for that.
As we all of us know about the hard life of Nilsson Mandela , who spent 27 years in prison for his struggling against apartheid and got suffered damage to his lungs during his working in a prison quarry.

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