The Eldest Son to Michael Jackson Testify on Wednesday

Michael Jackson’s son wants to testify in singer’s wrongful death trial on Wednesday which filed by Michael Jackson’s family. This is against party promoter AEG live. Attorney Perry Sanders said on Tuesday Prince Jackson will be called by the lawyers, this because stand four years and one day after Jackson died. When Michael Jackson died because of a drug  overdose his son prince Jackson was 12, in this time the singer rehearsed for a series of concerts in 2009 in London. The choreographer for Jackson and his personal chef, both of them have testified in the trail. Some witnesses made a picture to Jackson in the final months, they said that Jackson had grown and he is so weak and he could not move or dance. Murray had been carry for the singer when he was preparing for his concerts. Gordon Matheson testified Murray who had a conflict of interest when caring for Jackson that was because Murray had heavy debts.
It would not hire Murray and AEG said that Michael Jackson had addiction problems and prescription drug for many years and that was before any agreement happens with the company. AEG declared that they did not see that Murray made any danger for Jackson. In addition Katherine Jackson who is 83 years old, she is along with Jackson’s children also listed in the case. Jackson’s old daughter Paris tried to suicide then she entered to the hospital that forced Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell beckloff ordered a court investigation. Beckloff reviewed the report of the investigation and that will not make to any change in the life of Jackson’s children Perry Sanders and Katherine Jackson’s attorney said that on Tuesday. In the end we see that the appropriate decisions will be made to regard the three children.          

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