Boston Celtics Appointed Stevens New Coach

Boston Celtics belonging to the American Basketball League announced on Wednesday that pro Brad Stevens is set to be the coach No. 17 in team history.
Stevens spent (36 years), the past six years as coach of the Butler University team will succeed former coach Doc Rivers, who edited the team held nine days before the training to take over the Los Angeles Clippers.
Danny Angie head of basketball operations in the Celtics in a statement said "There are a lot of common values between me and Brad. Despite his young age, I see Brad great leader great personality."
"The teams led by always playing solidly in defense and attack. Coach Brad had a lot of success and I look forward to working with him."
 Brad Stevens is the youngest head coach in the American basketball league and he was born in October 22, 1976.
Before he signed with Boston Celtics, he was a head coach of Butler University, Indianapolis. He is an American successful head coach, studied and graduated from DePauw College in the period from 1995 to 1999, his coach career continued   from the early of 2001 until present.
Brad Stevens was the assistant coach of Bulter between the year 2001-2007 , then he became a head coach of same club Bulter between the period 2007- 2013.
And now he received as head coach of Boston Celtics, so will him success in his leading of the big basketball club Boston Celtics to raise him to the high level in the American basketball league for professionals who knows may be yes and maybe not.
In the returning to his achievements during his training for the previous clubs we find that he get 3* Horizon Tournament champion in 2008- 2010- 2011, then a Clair Bee Coach of the year Award 2011, and 2* Horizon coach of the year 2009-2010.

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