Celebrity bedrooms (photos)

Frontdoor Cameras penetrate the outlawed and enter celebrity bedrooms to show off how these stars live in their own rooms.

Kara Dioguardi

American Idol judge has a suite at the Studio City, California, sleeping room of ceilings with exposed wooden beams, elegant upholstered chairs in silk, and the room has a large entrance leads to the spacious bathroom. 

Tori Spelling

American actress and famous critic, has a luxurious house in Encino , room wall is painted cyan and cream colored curtains, elegant space with a fireplace, balcony and very spacious.

Suzanne Somers

inside her big house in the Palm Spring, there is a large bedroom made ​​of wood with candleholders on the walls, the room has reception area and  changing room, in addition sleeping room.

Jerry Seinfeld

The main bedroom for comedy actress Jerry Seinfeld in the Colorado overlooking the snow-covered peaks and towering pine trees, and the interior colors of the room is quiet and gives a wonderful romantic atmosphere. 

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

The luxurious house in Hyde Hills , California, and the main bedroom painted silver with a fireplace inside and a bed next to a large mirror with a large terrace and a large area with a small another bed.


house of singer and actress Cher is in Miami Beach the main bedroom is quiet and elegant, with views of the sea and has a stone fireplace and balcony , with a healthy bath.

Jennifer Aniston

luxury Bedroom of Aniston in the Beverly Hills, has a  gorgeous mattress on the carpet made of wool and silk, one of Stephen Chadli design and the room overlooking the extensive garden.

Alan Jackson

The main bedroom of the singer Alan Jackson in Nashville featuring a fireplace and wonderful plate of warm colors on the walls of the room makes it a luxury piece.

Billy Joe

The master bedroom for Joe in the Hampton Beach contains two fireplaces, one in the bedroom and the other in the bathroom, the walls painted white only and there is a large place to sit in the room.

Hilary Duff

Her house is located on a lake, Tolka in , California, and designed in a modern French style, and have a cap-like ceilings of churches, and the balcony doors of colored metal and there is space to put another sofa and chairs.

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