Football coach Lane Kiffin is fired from USC

Athletic director Pat Haden announced on the morning of Sunday about firing of Lane Kiffin who has taken the advantage of coaching USC’s football team since 2010.
The Trojans lost to Arizona, 62-41, led to release Kiffin from his duties because this lost drooped the team’s record to 3-2 overall in the Pac-12 Conference.
Lane Kiffin came to succeed the coach Pete Carroll where USC was ranked No.1. But Kiffin was under fire from the last season according to his bad results with the team, who led them to finish the season a 7-6 record, in addition they lost seven of its last 11 matches they played last season.
Lane Kiffin is 38 years old and he finished his best season in 2011 when his team finished 10-2. He compiled a 28-15 record at USC football team.
USC was hit by the NCAA with some of the most serve penalties in the history of USC and was that in the time after hiring Kiffin few months. It was included the loss of 30 scholarships over three years and a two –year bowl and related to former Trojans Reggie Bush.
After that Haden tried to get some of the scholarships from the NCAA but he failed in doing that because the request was denied by the later.
USC said that Haden will hold a conference afternoon to speak about firing Kiffin. The time of firing came in a mid of break for the Trojans schedule, where USC football team will not play until Thursday in October 10, against Arizona so they have an open date.
It is noted that Kiffin salary was about $2.6 million in 2011. And despite the penalties from the NCAA, the expectations about the successful season for USC raised, and the result was different at the end of Kiffin career with USC.

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