The ending of ‘Breaking Bad’ leaves a mysterious beginning

Breaking Bad ended on Sunday and after a lot of sorrows . Before Walter white died he opened all the sides of revenge.
It was a suitable ending and we all predicted it, Walter White did not just lose his life he also lost everything in his life. Walter White told Skyler the truth of his reason to cook meth and for becoming a drug lord.
After a lot of lies the look of White is changed and he died then White appeared as a ghost, he was walking in skyler’s house and he seemed visible.
Breaking bad ended and all the stories ended and there were a lot of changes. In the last scenes Lydia seemed sick and pale in the bed then Walter told her that he put poison in her drink during the dinner.
The ending of Breaking Bad was the beginning of something not clear and mysterious . Through all the episodes of Breaking Bad Walter changed from handsome teacher to a criminal and after all that he died and took the secret of his change from humble teacher to a criminal ,he took this secret with him to the grave and that thing which gave the unclear and mysterious ending.
It was great episode and we felt so excited in watching it and it had a great ending which gave us a new beginning ,Walter white was mysterious character but it was full of exciting and this character gave the importance of the work.
All the fans of Breaking Bad will miss it and they will think about Walter White and the reason behind his change. It ended with a beginning with a mysterious end which was imaginative and this ending put the work in the best position.   

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