Kate Couric has Found Love

The talk show host, Kate Couric, who is 56 year old had found love again and engaged to financier John Molner, who is 50 year old, and their engagement was in Labor Day weekend.
Kate Couric was the wife of Jay Monahan who died in 1998 because of colon cancer, they have two children.
The editor of Good Morning America writes in announcing the news that “ Katie’s calling it her labor of love”.
On the beach in East Hampton and in romantic moment when the sunset, John Molner popped the question to Kate Couric and presented to her a diamond ring.
Kate talked about Molner and said that she that they had a great time and he is very kind and funny and successful in his life and work, he is very suitable to her and she loves him very much because he always tries to make her happy and he makes everything she wants. In addition he likes her children and treats with them in a good way. He is very respect man.
She said that he is younger than her, she is 56 year old and he is 50 year old. She added that she is very active woman and she wants someone who can keep up with her and be energy like her.
She has one daughter, Elli, she graduated from college, and one son, Carrie, who is a senior in high school. She said that she has 15 years without marring and she added that it is amazing feel to love someone and to have someone in your life who cares you and loves you and who can do anything to be happy person.
Kate Couric and John Molner are preparing to live a new life which is full of happiness.
We wish them happy life and good luck.

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