Miley Cyrus thrilled about Juicy pregnancy rumors

On 2, September a new report was published at BET Hip Hop awards in Atlanta that Miley Cyrus and Rapper Juicy are waiting for a baby and Miley Cyrus fells so embarrassed.
Miley Cyrus is in bad position she is no between her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth who she recently leave him and between her new position which is the pregnancy from Juicy. Miley declared to Hollywood Life .com that she does not feel upset about her pregnancy but she feels embarrassed because this happened after a short time after she separated from her fiancé.
She added that there is not anything bad about this news and she will continue her life and she has a new album and she will sell it. She sees the case in a positive way and she is not worried about this rumors, she proves as usual that she is strong woman and she can stand in the face of everything  and continue in her life.
The pregnancy announcing of Miley Cyrus and Rapper Juicy shocked all the audience in the BET Hip Hop awards ,this event will put Miley on a new way.
They were in the show Miley Cyrus who is 20 year old and Rapper Juicy who is 38 year old and Miley stood on the stage and said that she is pregnant from Juicy but the audience did not believe that and they started laughing and she repeated that she is really pregnant.
Billy Ray Cyrus also was on the show and he stood on the stage and said that this news broke his heart .
On 15 October the awards show will be on TV and in that tie we will know if this news is a rumors or it is a really news.
Whatever happened we will be with Miley and support her and wish to her the best.    

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