Susan Bennett is the voice of Siri

Susan Bennett as CNN said is “the original voice of Siri”. She has talent in her voice which was used for Apple’s virtual assistant.
Susan Bennett said to the CNN that she did not know that she will have all this fame. She added that she did not know that her voice will give her all that.
In the article of CNN declare how is the voice produced and recorded and every one hears the voice wonders who made the voice of Siri. This day is the second anniversary of Siri.
The first tie Siri voice recorded was in 2005 at GM voices as Susan Bennett said and that was for a company which was working for undisclosed project.
The audio forensics expert said that he is sure that Bennett is making the voice of Siri but Apple did not say the story, so CNN found that Bennett is the right woman through the news network. Who is in the middle age and she is living in CNN’s backyard.
Susan Bennett said that she want to be some wonders about who makes the voice and she added that maybe another woman makes the voice as Allison Dufty who is making the original voice of siri but Allison Dufty said there is no relation between her and between this job.
Bennett said that CNN checked the voice and found it identical with Bennett voice but Apple did not confirm anything about this.
Susan Bennett said that she was voiceover artist and she was making interviews to special project in CNN and she was tracking down the airport’s voices and she was making some conversations for a phone and she did a lot of works and she had many activities in her life but the most important was Siri.

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