Simon Le Bon said Robin Thicke made a mistake with Blurred lines

80’s icon Simon Le Bon believes that Robin Thicke will forever be labeled as a misogynist because he thinks that the controversial singer has made a mistake with Blurred Lines.

During his speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Duran Duran star expressed his feelings that he does not believe Thicke truly is misogynistic and his last song Blurred Line is a raunchy video because he made an errors of sorts by following up the lurid lyrical content of this song.

Simon Le Bon thinks that this video has left him irretrievably pigeon and holed enforces many people’ opinion of Thicke because of the disempowerment of women in the song paired with it.

Le Bon said that he watched the video of the song and he found the theme of Blurred Line is like you say you don’t want it , but you do, and that was a mistake because that’s actually quite scary if you carry it through.

He continued that the problem of this video is that Robin Thicke through it disempowered all the women in, and he accounted mentioning that Thicke is not a bad guy or a misogynist or even getting off on the chicks in this video and that entire staff.

Le Bon and Duran Duran through the video Girls on Film are no stranger to controversy which it featured a lot of nudity, although in the video a fashion empowering to the women.

And Girls on Film was heavily edited for broadcast on MTV and was banned from BBC. Le Bon expressed detracted from the track, highlighting the exploitation of women in the musical and fashionable industry.

So what you thing is Le Bon right in his opinion that Robin Thicke is Misogynist or you have another view of point about Blurred Lines? 

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