American singer David Cassidy Captured on suspicion of being drunk

A U.S. singer and actor David Cassidy was arrested on Friday evening in California on suspicion of his being drunk.
This is the third time they caught on Cassidy, 63, star of the television series (Partridge Family) in the seventies.

The California Highway Patrol said at a news briefing that it was stopped Cassidy on the road near the Los Angeles International Airport after that turn right while the traffic signal was red.
It added that after a policeman found the smell of Alcohol in the car conducted a test for Cassidy that shows the percentage of alcohol in the blood twice the allowable limit for driving in California.
Police said Cassidy was alone in the car.

Cassidy was arrested in August in New York and in 2010 in Florida on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.
But he was released Saturday morning after paying $15,000 bail and his court is scheduled to be in Feb.5.
Cassidy has a DUI conviction in Florida in 2011, and he also was pulled over in New York City of driving drunk.
David Cassidy is an American singer, actor, guitarist and songwriter, was born in April 12, 1950 in New York City.
His father name is Jack Cassidy and mother is Evelyn Ward, he has married three times and his wives names are Sue Schifrin, Meryl Tanz, and Kay Lenz.
Cassidy has a lot of amazing roles and movies like, The Partridge, Ruby & the Rockits, and Police Story.
Also he has a lot of beautiful songs like I Think I love you, Cherish, and Daydreamer.

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