Victoria Beckham: proud of my husband ... And will not go back to singing

The British star Victoria Beckham, wife of retired football player David Beckham, Confirmed not to return to singing again or appearing again with the lyric band «Spice Girls» who achieved success through it.
This came in an interview with the Spanish edition of the magazine «Vanity Fair» in number for the month of February next, and picked up the Spanish media excerpts today, as she will not show up again with «Spice Girls» and share with them in the Olympic Games in 2012 London was the last episode in her singing career.
She said that she would never go back to singing, «Participation in the Olympics was a great honor made me feel extremely proud of being British ... But it was the right moment to say thank you very much for all ».
Victoria explained, who devotes her time now to fashion design, that the secret of the huge success of «Spice Girls» is that it highlights the role of women in the largest form.

Victoria also expressed her proud feelings Beckham her husband about and of being a mother of four children from him, were: Brooklyn and Romeo and Cruz and Harper.
Earlier, British actress Victoria Beckham decided to donate clothes of her only daughter, Harper, to a charity in an effort to encourage people to always embarking on a similar step.
According to the British newspaper «Daily Mail» that after donating her clothes for the Red Cross in the past year, Beckham decided to donate clothes-old daughter two years.
It quoted by a close friend of the family as saying that «Victoria joined the initiative, known as the (love, mom), which encourages people to donate their children's old clothes to Oxfam before buying new clothes».
The source explained that the initiative will be launched in February 2014.
It is noteworthy that Beckham choose distinctive clothing for her only daughter, and most of them designed by Stella McCartney and Burberry.
It is noteworthy that for Victoria, which started in the world of fashion design, three other sons from her husband, British soccer stars David Beckham.

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